5 social media mistakes

5 social media blunders that could cost you a role

5 social media blunders that could cost you a role

With social media now playing an important role in the lives of most Malaysians, the line between personal and professional can be easily crossed. Although it’s perfectly fine to add your colleagues on social media, you need to remember that they will have access to whatever you share; think twice before posting a meme that shows your discontent with work.

Unsure of what could land you in front of HR? Here are five examples of social media blunders that could get you fired.

1. Revealing confidential information

We’ve all been excited about great news and gone on Twitter to shout about it in real time. But even though you think you’re innocently showing your enthusiasm for an upcoming project, you may accidentally reveal a little too much. If your social profile shows the company you work at, industry competitors and journalists might be watching your every step, just waiting for any info they can interpret. Sharing work-related emotions on social media may seem harmless, but could trigger some issues for your colleagues or boss and could result in you packing up your desk.

2. Posting politically or socially controversial comments

Everyone has a right to their political views, and stating them in a reasonable way is totally acceptable. However, publicly posting discriminatory language or offensive slurs is not only tasteless, but will likely seriously damage your career.

On social media even the smallest comment or post can spin out of control. With that in mind, don’t say anything on social platforms you wouldn’t want to be caught saying out loud at work.. The last thing you want is for your boss, colleagues or clients to feel uncomfortable around you – or insist that they not work with you. So be mindful of what you’re posting; even if you think it’s obviously a joke, if it contains controversial subject matter it could rub some people the wrong way and lead to your dismissal.

3. Complaining about your job

A stressful period or a frustrating day at work should not prompt you to take the matter to social media. Publicly sharing your negative feelings about work on social media, even if you don’t name colleagues or the company, can land you in hot water. Since you never know who reads your posts or comments, it might be your manager who stumbles upon your profile. While every employee has the right to share concerns in a constructive manner offline, a personal attack on your boss or a blunt statement about work you dislike or find boring on social media will backfire eventually. Keep it professional and find solutions to problems instead.

4. Blowing your own cover

No matter where you are working, calling in sick when you are actually doing something else is a violation of the company’s policies. While that can be hard to prove posting about your coup on social media is a one-way ticket to unemployment.

If your boss finds pictures of you hanging out with friends at noon on a day when you were supposed to be resting at home, your company won’t have any other choice than to let you go.

5. Talking about an interview or job offer

If you’ve been considering resigning, switching careers or are talking to a recruiter, you should handle this information carefully. Broadcasting your job hunt on social media will not only put you in anawkward and difficult position with your current employer, but could even be a reason to fire you straight away.

So, if you are really exploring other options, keep it to yourself until things are settled. After all, your manager deserves to be told directly – not via social media.