“I highly recommend Martin Gonzalez as a career recruiter and would not hesitate to use his services either personally or professionally as a hiring manager in the future. I’ve been in the fluid power industry for over 24 years; and most recently over 16 years with Eaton Corporation – a major global fluid power manufacturer.  During the summer months of 2016 I was increasingly leaning towards a career change.  Through LinkedIn, email and phone calls, I was contacted by recruiter after recruiter.  Many of them exaggerated opportunities to lead me to agree do initial phone interviews or were pushing me towards a role that was below my skills.  I was getting leery my interests were not being served.

Prior to my initial contact , I had no experience with him nor his company.  In our first phone contact, he exuded a style that immediately set me at ease.  I felt I could trust him and that he wasn’t trying to oversell the opportunity.  After a full discussion about history, my experience and the opportunity, I gave him approval to submit my resume to his client.  Within the day, I was requested to interview face-to-face.  

Again, Martin handled the aspects of the job offer process very well, adding and negotiating elements I had no experience with prior.  Through a series of phone calls, he was able to gain agreement on terms that were acceptable.  After I started , he contacted me on more than one occasion to see how things were going – more reassurances I found the right opportunity through the right recruiter.  His communication style is excellent and among the best I’ve experienced in my career.”


Kendall K.

National Sales Manager - International Fluid Power Component Manufacturer

“Martin is in a different class when it comes to recruiting. He has been the only recruiter I’ve worked with that thoroughly determined my needs and then thoroughly pursued them. Martin made inroads with companies where others had failed, and, as a result created opportunities for me that otherwise would have been absent. I am particularly impressed how Martin pursued the companies I suggested, as well as his competence at creating interest in these companies internally.”

Mark E.

Chief Engineer - Multinational Crane Manufacturer